Are You the Meeting Troll?

meeting troll
Marketing Guru Seth Godin takes a humorous look at the meeting troll. You might have one in your workplace or, perhaps, you are the meeting troll.

What is a meeting troll? How do you manage the troll? And how do you know if you have stepped over the line into trolldom?

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Or see if you recognize someone, or yourself, in these tips to identify the meeting troll:
–The meeting troll has a never-ending list of reasonable objections. It’s the length of the list that makes the objections unreasonable.
–The meeting troll never says ‘we’. It’s all about ‘you.’
–The meeting troll doesn’t actually want you to fail, but is establishing a trail so that if you do, he’s off the hook.
–A key giveway: The meeting troll will use the phrase, “devil’s advocate.” More than once.
Growth hackers look for a yes at every turn. The meeting troll thinks his job is to find the no.