Pause (II) Power

Brain-Based Mindfulness for Resiliency and Self Mastery

The next VIRTUAL Pause (II) Power Workshop series will be Mondays at 12:00 Noon EST September 19-October 10/22

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Attention International Coach Federation (ICF) Coaches: *Attend and get 6.0 ICF Continuing Education Credits.

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Facilitated by Laura S. Scott, PCC, ELI-MP, CPDFA, Executive Coach and Leadership and  Resiliency Trainer

“When we talk about resiliency or mindfulness, I am not talking about sitting on a mat meditating for 30 minutes every day, although that’s one path to mindfulness. No, I am talking about intercepting your default responses and consciously choosing how you want to show up in the world. If we don’t acknowledge that we have the ability to consciously do this, in the moment, and if we don’t exercise those mindfulness muscles at regular intervals in our day, the reptile brain takes over and we end up saying and doing things we may later regret. Ideally, we don’t want to react, we want to respond– strategically and authentically. We want to be the interpreters and creators of our experience, not the victims of circumstance.

Pause II Power attendees are looking for self-mastery around their emotions and stress reactions, and they want to be resilient through change, challenge, or conflict. They want to feel calm in the midst of a storm and think clearly and make decisions that are proactive as opposed to reactive. The energy shifts and mindfulness techniques we teach and practice allow us to do that intentionally, and at will.

The real gift of resiliency and mindfulness is our ability to turn the practice into the practical and integrate it into our everyday lives. This way, whatever happens, we can handle it.”–Laura S. Scott

Use the Power of the Pause for:

  • Focused Engagement
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Resiliency
  • Stress Management
  • Conflict
  • Well Being

Program description:

Pause Power is a program designed to offer individuals, business leaders, life and executive coaches, and wellness professionals the knowledge and training to model and share leading-edge mindfulness techniques, informed by the latest research in brain science and the physiology and neurology of stress.

These techniques can be utilized by the individual to maintain equanimity and to maintain the ideal presence when engaging with others. These tools and strategies can also be shared with clients (and loved ones!) to help them achieve equanimity, manage stress and anxiety, develop emotional intelligence, and facilitate better health and well-being.

The next VIRTUAL Pause (II) Power Workshop series will be scheduled

Mondays at 12:00 Noon EST Sept 19-October 10/22 and delivered Virtually on Zoom. Links will be emailed to you upon registration.

$169.00 per person, including all the materials you need.

Bring a friend or your work team and SAVE$$.

This workshop regularly sells out! Register now!

Register below!

How Many Attending?
Name and Phone Number:
Buyer’s Email Address:

Attention International Coach Federation (ICF) Coaches: *Attend and get 6.0 ICF Continuing Education Credits.


“I am so grateful for the incredible Pause Power Workshop! It has been 4 days since the workshop and so many of your “golden nuggets” are still on my mind. I am working on integrating them into my life and loving it. There was the perfect balance of brain-based research, group sharing and activities in such a calm fun learning environment.  The time flew by so fast….which is always a sign of a fabulous workshop.”–Susan S, Life Coach and Pause II Power participant.

As a healthcare professional working in a multi-disciplinary team providing in-home services to patients and families, I believe mindfulness approaches and techniques facilitate the highest level of care from unified rehabilitation services and promote positive outcomes and goal achievement for both patients and caregivers.”–Debra, Florida Licensed Physical Therapist, and Pause II Power participant.

I attended a Pause Power Workshop facilitated by Laura and her colleague, Mickie Brown. It was a fantastic seminar which provided me with so much insight into the power of our brains, our thoughts, and ultimately, our actions. Being present is soooo powerful! I left with immediate and impactful applications that I can apply to myself, my family, and my clients. I love the delivery style, energy, and the humor!   I highly recommend people taking this course – very well worth your time – you won’t be disappointed!”–Kelly, Consultant and Business Owner, Pause II Power participant.

Laura is an amazing expert in Mindfulness. As a leader, I gained a lot of benefit from the Mindfulness Retreat she led in December 2014. It was an opportunity to disconnect and to assess how I wanted to respond to life and work events…and to learn tools to get the results I desire.”–Belinda, Business Owner, Pause II Power participant.

Pause (II) Power is one of the most impactful, enlightening and effective tools I have learned in my professional life that transferred to my personal relationships. I shared what I learned with my husband and he uses “Power of the Pause” techniques to create space with his team at work..”–Jennifer, Business Owner, Pause II Power participant

Pause power — Agenda

Module #1: Understanding the Threat Response and the Physiology and Neurology of Stress

Module #2: Mindfulness and Emotional Mastery

Module #3: The Energy of Equanimity

Module #4: Customizing your Pause Power Practice, Tools Review, Q and A

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Laura S. Scott, President of 180 Coaching, is an author, speaker, and Certified Executive and Leadership Coach, Energy Leadership Master Practitioner and Resiliency at Work accredited practitioner.

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