What to Expect
  • Expect Confidentiality
  • Expect Honesty
  • Expect Empathy
  • Expect Support
  • Expect Respect
  • Expect Integrity
  • Expect to Laugh
  • Expect to be Challenged to be the Very Best and Authentic You
  • Expect a High Return on Your Investment

What Clients Say About 180 Coaching and Laura Scott

Clients come to 180 Coaching with a wide variety of challenges and desired outcomes and goals. We work with them to deliver customized coaching and training solutions or workshop/retreat design, planning, and facilitation. The following testimonials are from training and facilitation clients and one-on-one coaching clients.

Training and Facilitation clients:

“Laura Scott is a fabulous trainer and coach. She has facilitated several leadership workshops for my organization. My guests have always given rave reviews about her content and her presentation skills.” -Jessica R., President

“Thank you Laura and Bev for a very productive day of fun, assessment, and planning. I am a fan of the Open Space methodology. You proved to me once again that it is a great way to surface a lot of perspectives, gain consensus, and establish clear initiatives going forward.” —Bob Barry, Strategic Planning Retreat Participant

“My work with Laura has helped me both personally and organization wide. Laura has helped me personally learn more about myself and my “big why”. Our one-on-one work has helped me improve all phases of my life. In addition to our one-on-one work Laura has worked with many of our Proforma Franchise Owners through our Regional Planning Retreats and has helped have a positive impact on over 500 of our people throughout North America.”
—Greg Muzzillo, Founder, Proforma

“Laura Scott offers her enthusiastic support for The Centre for Women in Tampa by proposing, creating, and presenting workshops for our Third Act program which is intended for women in transition. Her meaningful workshops are exactly what the attendees need to gain perspective and hopefulness as they embrace their future vision. Laura brings incredible energy as a gifted presenter and is a positive role model for us all!” —Susan McIntyre, LCSW Director of Counseling and Wellness

“Thank you Laura for the hard work that you and Bev did for this retreat. I have been to a lot of retreats and strategic planning sessions and this retreat was a much improved process over them. I felt the group was engaged and was committed to making sure the ICF-TB was successful. I enjoyed the process and thought the overall day went above my expectations. Looking forward to working with this group in the months ahead.” —Nevin Weaver, ICF-TB Member

“When I met Laura at a conference in 2013 and observed her charismatic manner and breadth of knowledge, I knew she would be a great speaker for a teleconference series I host for the Association for Conflict Resolution-Conflict Coaching Area of Practice. Laura did not disappoint in any way. When she presented for this group last August (2014) Laura spoke on the topic ‘Energy Management and Conflict’ – based on her extensive experience as a certified Energy Leadership Master Practitioner. Laura generously shared her expertise – and engaged the participants with her open, interesting and inspiring manner. I consider it fortuitous that we met and I look forward to a continuing association.” —Cinnie Noble, Author of Conflict Management Coaching: The CINERGY Model

One-on-One Coaching Clients:

“I’ve been working with Laura for a year during the most difficult period in my life.  I got divorced, changed jobs, moved, and had serious health issues. Laura was always accessible, and her coaching gave me the support, encouragement, and objective insight I needed to come out the other side. Don’t get me wrong, by any objective standard I’m successful–professionally, personally, and financially. I count on 180 coaching to keep me that way and to move forward in a positive fashion. I would highly recommend Laura as a coach. —Mike

“As I work to transition into a leadership role in my organization, my sessions with Laura have been invaluable. She has armed me with realistic, executable skills that have helped me become a better manager. I can’t recommend her enough! If you are looking to focus on strengths and address weaknesses in your leadership style, Laura can help!” –Ami R.

“Laura has the ability to go in deep with such comfort. She makes you feel safe as you explore what is blocking you from your highest self. She is authentic and compassionate and focused on your end goal with no agenda of her own.”—Debbie F.

“Laura acted as a sounding board through my mid-career transition from corporate finance to business intelligence/analytics. With her guidance, I was able to successfully make the transition. Having worked with other professional coaches in the past, Laura’s unique approach to coaching truly made a difference. Whether you are in need of someone to assist in further personal development, act as a sounding board, or address derailing behavior…Laura should be your go-to person.” —Johnathon R.

“Laura is simply an amazing coach! She is not only highly qualified for her role, but she is also a very honest and caring individual who will go the extra mile to help you out.” —Ernesto M.

“Laura Scott was very effective in helping me create a clearer picture of my professional goals and objectives during a transition period. This was made possible through her creative application of effective assessments, insight, and home-play assignments that were in alignment with my optimal performance.” —Liz P.

“Laura coached me via telephone and it was a success!  I was able to become more mindful, overcoming of my once ‘go big or go home’ attitude.  I have also been able to tame those useless conversations that happen nowhere but in my head! Laura was a perfect fit for me as a coach since she shares my philosophy and was patient and understanding with me as she helped me tweak what needed tweaking so that I can be more mindful as I overcome my other ‘issues.’ Thank you Laura!” —Karen C.

“Laura is presently my coach and after my first session I was able to identify my stressors, increase my level of consciousness and redefine my priorities. Laura’s pleasant personality, friendly and caring approach helps me to relax and visualize my goals. I’m very excited about a successful future with Laura as my coach.” —Jennifer G.

“Laura has been an amazing Coach and integral to all of the positive changes I have accomplished in my life over the last two years. She is an expert with very realistic expectations, which keeps us over-achievers in check. Laura is the best listener that I have ever met and also extremely creative, which gets you a customized plan for the goals you don’t even know you have yet. She is also fun to be around, so it never felt like I was somehow punishing myself. Lots of laughs versus tears and it amazed me how much I actually laughed at myself.” —Julie B.

“Laura is someone that understands people in every degree. Her thorough knowledge and expertise in Leadership, Organizational Psychology, and Entrepreneurship make her one of the best Mentors/Coaches for students, business people, and owners.” —Francisco B.

“Being a successful professional woman with a busy and healthy life I wondered what coaching could do for me. Working with Laura I found it to be the ultimate step in celebrating, appreciating, and enjoying every moment, aspect, and challenge of each and every day without guilt or remorse.” —Anne V.

“Through her 180 Coaching, Laura helped me work through a personal situation which was blocking me from enjoying my present and seeing possibilities in the future. She coaches in a way that challenges current self perceptions in a positive and empowering way, while respecting the situation and challenges you are receiving coaching for.” —W

“I had various sessions of coaching with Laura, during that time I learned things about myself I did not know. Her coaching style is amazing: she listens a lot, and leads your train of thought. I was always impressed about the knowledge she had and the trustworthiness she inspired, always on time and ready to work. Her quality was 5 out of 5. I recommend her work totally.” —Jorge M.

“I first met Laura when I was a graduate assistant for the University of Tampa Leadership Program. Laura always went above and beyond to assist us. Her workshops and one-on-one coaching consistently received rave reviews from our MBA students. When I decided to start working with a coach myself, Laura was my first choice. She’s a great listener and an extremely skilled coach. Her insight and guidance helped me see the big picture and get on a path towards achieving my goals. I highly recommend working with her!” —Emily G.

“Laura Scott was incredibly helpful to me in her support for an experienced coach and consultant who was new to Tampa Bay and the professional coaching community. We connected through a series of informal highly productive sessions centered on best practices in coaching, leadership development, and enlarging coaching in the Tampa Bay Charter Chapter of the International Coach Federation. Laura shared her expertise, commitment to a researched approach to coaching trends, and contacts in our professional coaching community. She opened many contacts for me. In working with over 100 organizations as a consultant in the Midwest, first internal executive coach at Mayo Clinic, and PCC level credentialed coach, I have found no other professional coach and leader who exceeds her competence, I recommend her without hesitation. I have no criticism of Laura Scott other than she is modest about her success and endless talent.” —Jim Arnott.

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