The 5 Most Common Divorce Mistakes

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The 5 Most Common Divorce Mistakes

Pegotty and Randy Cooper, coach colleagues of mine who train coaches specializing in divorce, shared the 5 biggest and most common mistakes people make when they negotiate a settlement in a divorce.

They are:
1) Throwing in the Towel.
2) Taking the “My way or the highway” approach to negotiating.
3) Betting the farm on another relationship.
4) Wanting guarantees and certainties.
5) Not getting advice or assistance from enough sources.

It’s important to recognize how vulnerable we are during a time of divorce. Emotions like worry, fear, anger, or, in the case of #3, lust or infatuation may be hijacking your brain, making it nearly impossible to make rational choices that will best serve you.

Your divorce lawyer isn’t paid or trained to help you manage those emotions. A professional certified coach is.