Accessing your “Mad Genius”

science labRecently, I was on the phone, doing a debrief on an Energy Leadership assessment and asked the respondent how she was expressing her Level 6 energy–the energy of genius thinking and the creative flow state. She responded, “I know intuitively what to do and say, like I am psychic. I am using my intuition but I know I am right.”

After our call, I reflected on what she had said and recalled the times when I was able to totally trust my intuition and access my “mad genius.” You likely have had this experience: You are alone with your thoughts, perhaps on a walk, or in the shower, or leaning back in your chair with your eyes closed, puzzling out a problem, and BAM! a flash of insight comes to you, or a ridiculously perfect idea, and a smile plays on your lips and you feel an immediate need to act or decide, Damn the naysayers!

In this state you feel joy and synergy. You may be getting goose bumps, a tingling sensation, or feeling like there’s butterflies in your stomach. But strangely, NO FEAR!

There is no wrong decision at Level Six because the journey is more important than the destination; everything is happening for a reason; you are accessing wisdom you never even knew you had. You are giddy with excitement!

If this state is something you can only dream about, allow me to make some suggestions on how you might access this level six energy and tap into the mad genius state.

1) Suspend judgment and just ask “What if…?”

2) Breathe into the “What if?” question and wait for a moment

3) Imagine one perfect scenario and then another, and another

4) Smile and open your palms as if you are getting ready to accept a gift of precious gems or gold coins

5) Acknowledge that there are no mistakes

6) Invite the mad genius into your world and collaborate with him, and play and laugh