Mind Power Technology

I have been working with Mind Power Technology (MindPT) to develop positive brain priming sessions (delivered via the MindPT phone/computer app) to give to my clients to prime the brain for optimum brain function and a positive mindset, and to complement the coaching, Energy Leadership and Pause Power work I do.

I have called these sessions Pause for Self Mastery and Resiliency and My Leadership Coach.

Shawn Achor, a positive psychology researcher and author of the Happiness Advantage has been doing the efficacy research using these positive priming apps and other positive psychology tools and he has found that with a positive mindset you are 23% less stressed, 31% more productive, 39% healthier, 34% improved social relationships and 3 times more creative.

I have designed PAUSE and MY LEADERSHIP COACH specifically for the clients I serve, so the series of images include workplace situations that show collaboration, celebration, positive engagement, social connection, courage, confidence, resiliency, and successful outcomes, along with images designed to stimulate calming, relaxing, and empowering brain chemistry. The statements are my own set of statements or empowering questions that I often use in my coaching.

The cool thing about these tools is that they are customizable: you can click on the rabbit icon to speed the session up or the turtle icon to slow it down and once you have downloaded it you can upload your own pictures and music to customize it for you. Even 3 minutes of watching can give you 6-8 hours of positive brain chemistry to facilitate relaxation, focus, creativity, learning, and a positive mindset.

Try it out and report back! I use it as a morning kick start and I can actually feel the effect as I experience the flood of positive neurotransmitters like serotonin, oxytocin, and dopamine.

I also like to watch these sessions when I feel anxious, like in the dentists’ waiting room!

Click on the links below to get PAUSE or MY LEADERSHIP COACH the special introduction price of $19.99, Reg. $47.00.

PAUSE for Self Mastery and Resiliency Intro Special $19.95 link

MY LEADERSHIP COACH Intro Special $19.95 link

Please take advantage of these amazing tools and get an extra dose of positive brain chemistry in the course of your day.


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