Here are some questions our clients come to us with:
  • How can I navigate this situation more strategically and effectively?
  • How can I find the motivation to move forward?
  • How do I raise the bar for myself and be more accountable for my goals?
  • How can I enjoy a greater sense of purpose or a renewed feeling of energy around what I do?
  • How can I be the leader/ partner/parent I want to be?
  • What tools/skills/support systems do I need as I make this transition?
  • What can I do strategically to step up and realize the full value and enjoyment of what I can bring to the world?
  • Things haven’t worked out as I hoped, what’s next?
  • What can I do about the stress/anxiety/the negative self talk?
  • What can I do now to achieve more balance and peace in my life?

No “Cookie-Cutter” Coaching! The 180 coaching process is as unique as you are! At 180 Coaching, we don’t make any assumptions about where you are and what you want to do. The coaching agenda is yours and we partner with you to provide the tools, the coaching, and the support.

We want what you want…for you! You choose what type of coaching, the agenda, the goals, and what degree of accountability you want.

We partner with your potential! The monetary, time, and energy investment you make in the 180 coaching relationship is up to you (See the extensive menu of options we provide below!).

We meet you where you are and help you go where you want to go. The motivation and vision is yours; we see the potential, we scour the landscape for obstacles, give you the tools and skills to travel, and help you clear a path for success and well being.

We want to you to be confident and experience coaching worry-free! Firstly, your privacy and confidentiality is a top priority. Our handwritten meeting notes are shredded routinely. We don’t need to look back, we look forward.

Let’s partner for your potential! Call Laura at (813)769-9038 or email her at 
to schedule an introductory goal clarification and discovery call. The Goal Clarification Call is a free, no obligation call and is 30 minutes in length. It is designed to explore the client’s goals and to determine if the coach and client are a good fit. If you or the coach decides it’s not the right fit, you are one step further along in finding the right coach for you. No pressure, no judgments!

What’s Next?: Strategic Decision Making
Designed for busy people with one or two very specific “what’s next?” questions or decision-making opportunities. This is “I want to decide before the decision is made for me” strategic decision-making coaching, including values clarifications and alignment, with flexible scheduling of six (6) 50 minute calls or meetings over two to three months with limited email support.

Decision Making Coaching Audio Clip


Intentional 180 and Energy Leadership–Executive and Professional
This coaching offering is designed for executives and professionals who want to be more intentional, or masterful, around multiple goals related to leadership, professional and self-development or emotional self-mastery. This program incorporates a baseline Energy Leadership™ Index assessment and debrief and the follow up success measurement, providing the client a proven tool and process by which they can identify key coaching objectives and determine appropriate measurements.
Utilizing energy awareness and brain-based mindfulness techniques, the client can intentionally and mindfully move from self-awareness to self-mastery in the areas they have strategically identified, seamlessly incorporating both personal and professional goals. This is twenty four (24) 50 minute calls or meetings, scheduled over 6 months to 12 months with unlimited email support.

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TriMetrix® DNA 180 Talent, Career, and Legacy
180 Talent, Career, and Legacy coaching is designed for those who want to be aware and intentional about how they show up and make a difference in their world and who want to make choices that honor their values and who they really are and want to be. This process incorporates the extensive TTI TriMetrix® DNA assessment report which combines three sciences: Behaviors, Motivators and Competencies which identifies the key highly-valued and marketable strengths and competencies, behavioral and communication styles, the type of environment or situation the person is best able to navigate or thrive in, and where they are most likely to make an impact and feel and experience success and happiness. This includes the assessment, debriefs, and coaching with six (6) 50 minute calls or meetings, scheduled over two to four months with email support.

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180 Intensive for Couples:
This coaching offering is designed for couples who want to be coached together on the same call or in the same face to face meeting on specific or multiple goals or decisions and want the opportunity to consult by email with the coach between sessions. This is three months of relationship, resiliency, or decision-making coaching with twelve (12) full one hour (60 Minute) sessions, scheduled over three months to four months with unlimited email support.

Strategic 180: Resiliency Coaching
Designed for persons who want to be more resilient, strategic, and masterful around the direction their lives are taking, or more masterful around how they respond to challenges, emotional triggers, conflict, or change. This is six (6) to twelve (12) 50 minute sessions of resiliency and mindfulness coaching, scheduled over three months to six months with unlimited email support and a strategic awareness assessment tool of their choice.

180 Custom-Tailored Coaching and Training
180 Coaching offers fully customized life, leadership, resiliency, and executive coaching and training, interactive seminars, and retreats. Events and coaching can be combined with assessments and one-on-one debriefs using the Energy Leadership Index assessments, 360’s, Conflict Dynamics Profile®, and TTI’s Success Insights® Disc/Motivators and TriMetrix® DNA assessments. Contact us for the Pause Power workshop and retreat schedule. Retreat facilitation, planning and programming, and curriculum and course design services are also available. Contact Laura to discuss your plans and your objectives and she will be happy to craft a customized proposal for your specific needs. Call (813)769-9038 to or email to schedule a call or meeting.